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Elevator Specifications for Pre-Designed Models
Our pre-designed models include our Executive, Signature and Standard Cab models. These models have standard features and can easily be configured into any floor plan. The type of operation and door systems categorize the three configurations below. Download the following spec sheets according to your project requirements. If you are building a custom elevator, specifications will be developed as the project progresses.
Standard Features
Three configurations to choose from (S, A or L)
Combination of front, side and rear openings
Choice of MRL traction or 1:2 Roped Hydraulic drive systems
Rated capacity: 750 lbs to 1400 lbs.
Up to 5 stops, 50 feet of travel
Microprocessor controller with fault management
Choice of Stainless Steel, Bronze or Custom fixtures
Choice of Stainless Steel, Bronze or Custom handrail
Floor auto-levelling proximity sensors
Manual lowering and battery back-up power failure systems
Emergency stop buttons in pit, on top of car and in car
Emergency lighting & telephone
UT Model Configurations
S - Automatic Operation with Sliding Doors

This configuration includes automatic button operation and commercial style sliding doors with finish chosen by the customer.
A - Automatic Operation with Accordion Gate

This configuration includes automatic button operation. It couples a collapsible accordion gate on the car with standard swing doors at each hoistway entrance.
L - Manual Operation with no car door requirement

This configuration requires constant pressure button operation avoiding the necessity of a car door system. The user must keep the button pressed until arriving at the designated floor.
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