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At the heart of a UT residential elevator is its drive system. We take pride in offering two state of the art commercial grade drive systems which are customized for residential application.


MRL - Gearless Traction

All UT residential elevator models are equipped for MRL application. Machine Room-Less technology allows for a complete in-shaft elevator requiring no external space for any subcomponents. At the core of this drive system is a gearless, permanent magnet motor utilizing precise VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) control. The compact machine mounts within the shaft and allows for a smooth ride with low decibel output comparable to that of a passenger elevator. Our ability to custom fit our MRL elevators to suit any existing or new home environment is the UT advantage. These machines operate efficiently consuming up to 40% less power than that of hydraulic drive systems making MRL elevators a green-friendly solution.

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Roped Hydraulic

UT manufactured 1:2 Roped hydraulic drive systems provide an economical and proven solution for residential elevators. Our hydraulic jack systems are manufactured, assembled and tested in-house and are designed to drive loads optimally, avoiding unnecessary shaft modifications. A small compartment space conveniently located outside of the shaft is required for the pump control unit. With over 25 years of manufacturing success, UT hydraulic jacks offer unsurpassed quality that results in long and healthy product lifetimes.

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