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Elevator Options
Number of Stops
The number of stops the elevator cab makes. This corresponds to the number of different elevations throughout the house that have elevator access.
Car Size
Car is 4’ x 3’ and 6’8” high.

Car is 5’ x 3’ and 6’8” high.

Car is larger than the standard car.
Car Openings
The number of openings in the car. An elevator cab can have a maximum of 3 openings.
User presses button once and elevator cab will automatically progress to designated floor.

User applies constant pressure to push buttons in order to move elevator cab up or down.
Door Systems
The car Door opens automatically when the cab stops at the designated floor. With this option, the outer hall doors can be either automatic sliding type or solid swing type.

Accordion Door
User manually opens the car door when the cab stops at the designated floor. The outer hall doors are solid swing type.

There are no doors for car openings. This option is only possible with manual operation. The outer hall doors are solid swing type.
Drive Machine
Machine Room-Less (MRL)
Elevator is completely housed in the shaft with no external requirements for a separate machine room. Compact state-of-the-art traction machine provides smooth ride with low decibel output.

Elevator uses a hydraulic oil system for a smooth ride. A separate location outside of the shaft is required to house compact hydraulic drive system.

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